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Fully Functional Online Store All Headquarter and Branches Work On Same System No matter where they are  Warehouse Management on All of Warehouse no matter where they are.
Customized eBusiness Applications (CEBA): One System to Manage Your Entire Business.

CEBA is an Online Sale and Management System, enables all the workers in headquarter and branches to work on a same platform.

It allows you to share information, and improve operational systems and computing services within an organization.

It is especially useful for companies that do international business or have branches in various locations and countries.

It can integrate all parts of operations such as sales, purchasing, accounting, warehousing, and shipping on a unified working platform, enabling you to conduct business effectively

Online Sale/Other Application
Fully Functional eStore
Other types of Orders Processes
Orders by Phone or POS
Other Online Applications
Such as restaurants, travle, finance, and etc
Admin Account for management
Enable Others to Sell on Your Site
Employees Management
Sales Persons
Regular Sale Person
Sale Person based on Commissions
Sale Performance Statistic
Sale Persons' Commisssion Calculation
Other Workers's online Management
Online Inventory Management
Shipping Process
Receiving Process
Inventory Statistics & Documents
Stocks Statistics
Shipping and Receiving Documents
Inventory Amount Statistics
Seach functions for inventory, products, and etc.
Online Account Management
Purchasing Management
Suppliers' Info
Purchase Orders' Statistics/Search
Sale Management
Buyers' Info (Wholesalers,retailers)
Sale Orders' Statistics/Search
Other Business Daily management
Mailing List
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